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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Irish Sporting: Irish Red and White and Water Spaniel

Bird hunting season and thoughts of Ireland lead us to today's post about two of Ireland's sporting breeds: the Irish Red and White Setter and the Irish Water Spaniel.

Red and White Setters are a handsome dog suitable to working in the field and living in the home. Pointers who also retrieve, this is a trainable Setter with a lot of working instinct.

This is a Setter that does well as a family dog.
Athletic, this breed should have a couple of good walks a day; playing in a big yard with another energetic dog can also assist this breed in getting some of their energy out.

Irish Water Spaniels are bred to retrieve birds and have been known for hundreds of years in Ireland. 

Irish Water Spaniels are intelligent and said to have a sense of humor - they like to be silly and make people laugh.

An active breed that likes people, they also require regular walks. Irish Water Spaniels are also suitable for agility sports/competitions. 

This breed also works for people with sensitivities to dogs -- as low shedders, this breed will require hair cuts and grooming.

Two sporting breeds with a common homeland and rather different looks. Unique, handsome, intelligent, good with families. The Red and White will shed more, the Water Spaniel will require a slightly smarter owner :-) 

Note: The IWS and Poodle - similar breeds with different birth places. The Poodle probably originated in Germany.  The IWS is a liver color, one of the dark solid colors that a Poodle does not come in. The Poodle is a more aloof and serious breed than the IWS, who has a more coby build than the Poodle. The IWS remains a sporting breed, the Poodle does not. 
Another example of breeds that appear similar, yet are not the same.

Irish Water Spaniel


  1. Ive always liked the red and white spaniel but the Irish water spanie is an interesting dog too and one you dont see often

    urban hounds

    1. These are both uncommon breeds but the Irish Water Spaniel is getting closer to being 'rare'; perhaps the popularity of the Labrador Retriever has eclipsed the Irish Water Spaniel since they are used for similar work.

  • Beautiful dogs and beautiful post! I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen photos of the Irish Water Spaniel... think not. Thanks!

    1. It is true - the Irish Water Spaniel is not a dog you will trip over on your average trip to the dog park...unless maybe your dog park is in a village of hunters in Ireland!

  • Difference between a standard poodle and a water spaniel? Kathy

    1. Such a good point I had to update the post to address this. To me the faces (in person at least) are not the same. I'm not sure how else to say it but that the IWS has a different eye than the Poodle. The IWS has thicker hair.

      This is not to say that at some level the two breeds didn't have some overlap many years ago. I found a Poodle breeder who claimed that Poodles influenced IWS, while IWS followers claim the breed has been around since at least the 1500's, meaning the Poodle would not have been an ancestor but a parallel development.

      I'm reminded of Labs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers; Malamutes and Huskies; Labs and Goldens -- breeds can share ancestors, or one can have been influential in the development of another but it doesn't take long before they are decidedly different in personality with physical changes as well.

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    1. Lol, Michelle, if you ever want pictures related to the special needs of Bull Terriers, let me know :-)

    2. The fotos on this page are not owned by the publisher! They did not ask ME for using my pictures, so better check the origin owner of the fotos before asking them for permission to use the fotos. Thank you.

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