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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hungarian Kuvaz

Traditionally a Livestock Guardian Breed, the Kuvaz  is increasingly common as a household companion and in the show ring.

This is a large, head strong breed, used to working independently and being protective of their environment.

They are not an ideal breed for small yards and require exercise and prefer a job to do.

They will give themselves the job of protecting their territory.

The Kuvaz is very devoted to their family and to protecting what is "theirs" -- including livestock, people, and property in their territory.

This means that while a very protective breed, the Kuvaz is also good with other animals.

They are also suspicious of strangers and will not immediately warm up to visitors in their home.

A handsome breed, intelligent and devoted to their people, it is easy to see why people are attracted to this breed. In the right circumstances they can be a great companion, as long as their needs are being met.


  1. I guess they are related to the Maremmas?

    1. Hi Cate!

      While they do look very similar (Maremmas are bigger)the Maremmas developed in Italy, while the Kuvaz developed in Hungary. The Kuvaz is more closely related to the Komondor -- the breed of dog with the long corded white hair.

  2. Wow, scary your knowledge of dog breeds.

    One not funny thing today. Ollie has learned to love eating his poop.

    One funny thing. Hanging with 5 year old Matthew and Ollie playing. We quickly learned Ollie was way more attracted to Matthew than proffered balls and sticks. In a later conversation I showed Matthew how to move a stick quickly, like a squirrel, to interest Ollie. To which Matthew proudly responded "Ollie likes me because I move like a squirrel.". Smart kid!

    1. Yes, I keep doggy info in my head and ... not a lot else :-)

      Sorry Ollie is eating as he is but good to know he has a new squirrel-friend boy to play with.

  3. What beautiful dogs! And I'd never heard of them.
    Please take a quick stroll to Talking Dogs blog today and pick up your One Lovely Blog Award :-)

  4. what a LOVELY blog you have! We just learned about you from Sue (right above me) and we are now following you! Hope you will follow my dog's blog as well, Dakota's Den www.dakotasden.wordpress.com

    We are also members of the BlogPaws community!

    1. We're very happy to meet you - and join your followers :-)