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Friday, September 14, 2012

Good-bye sweet Ruby

A good friend's pack has lost a special old soul.

We've known for a while that Ruby's time with us was growing shorter.

Saying good-bye though...well, I'm sure you all understand....

Ruby was adopted as a senior. She spent two glorious years giving and receiving much joy. Ruby is  a wonderful example of what people can gain by opening their lives to older dogs.

She went camping, visited senior-citizens, befriended children who had never lived with a dog, and otherwise added a lot of quality of life to a large group of people.

Everyone who knew Ruby is better for the paw prints she left on our hearts -- may each of you have the honor of knowing such a dignified, accepting, and gentle old dog.


  1. Thanks Christy, for such a touching tribute to my girl. And for all your support.

    She was a special dog and I and many others loved her very much. I'm grateful for having had the chance to have her as part of my life.

    Ollie hung out with the kids at the school bus stop this morning and they were all asking me about her because Megan had told them the news. She was their favorite of my dogs and they will miss her a lot. Kathy

    1. We're all going to miss her...it was a privilege to be part of her life.