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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fast Growing Golden Puppy

As mentioned recently, some of my friends are adding new puppies to their families this fall. The first to arrive has been Ollie; in the less than one week he has been in his new home we can already see him grow.
This is Ollie meeting his big brother Gus less than a week ago.

If you stop by this blog regularly, then you probably recognize Gus. He's so lovely that we have to slip his picture in semi-regularly.

We also like to slip in the occasional pictures of Gus' adopted sisters.

I have a particular place in my heart for Gus' senior adopted sister Ruby, who was brought into the family as a health challenged elderly dog whose remaining time on earth has been made more comfortable by her person.

We attempted to get a family picture tonight but it was not the most successful photo op I've ever tried to arrange. Gus' younger sister Zoe was not in a cooperative mood. So Ollie decided to attack her face.

Believe it or not, this actually did not ensure any greater cooperation from Zoe.

As usual, the elder dog of the family was the one constant -- notice her virtual frozen pose? Of course, poor Gus was a little distracted by thunder. We had this storm rolling in....

So I guess we were lucky to get any pictures at all.

I'm sure as the fuzzy boy grows into the handsome young dog he is becoming we will see Ollie updates. Anyone else adding a new canine - young, old or middle aged - to their family? We always welcome other people's stories if you care to share....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Autumn Puppies

It appears to be the season for new pups amongst the people I know.

My middle sister is looking for the "just right" dog to adopt and we've found a possible match in the local shelter - a big black Lab:

It isn't easy for Sis to find the right dog. Aside from the fact she has a family that includes two children, a husband, and a cat, she's been living with an amazing dog for 10 years and her expectations for other dogs are a little -- impossible :-)  So I'm helping her remember that her wonder dog grew up to become incredible - she wasn't actually born as anything other than an ordinary, normal dog...and now that she's a senior who is aging with difficulties any new dog needs to be able to live alongside her.

Elsewhere in my doggy-friend circle....

Gus and Zoe will be getting a new brother -- don't they look dressed to make a good impression?

A new Golden puppy is just a few days down the road for this family. They're very excited.

This will be a pale blonde Golden, who is probably named Ollie -- Ollie and Gus the blonde brothers will fit right in the predominately Scandinavian community they will be living in.

Next, we have an Airedale pup scheduled to join the extended family at the beginning of September.
This will be a little girl with a to-be-determined name.

She will be joining a family that lost their Bedlington Terrier this past spring. This family is ready for some happiness after a season of sorrow.

Finally, I have a friend who will be adding a new Springer Spaniel to her pack. She's lived with Springers for many years and for her, they are THE dog :-) Her oldest dog has passed and her middle aged pup needs a new friend. She has a newly born pup lined up to join the family when she's old enough.

Little Seneca still has a bit more growing to do before she will be ready to leave mom and the rest of the litter. When she's ready though, she will be joining a fantastic new family... and have lots of opportunities to play outside.

Springers can have a lot of fun in any season but really seem to shine in the fall :-) 

Whether adopting from a shelter, or going through a trusted breeder, the autumn season can be a great time to add a canine family member. The weather is still agreeable to house-training, playing outside is less likely to lead to overheating, long walks are very lovely in this season, and a cool, crisp day is a perfect time to cuddle up with a new furry friend. Good luck to everyone adding a new pup to the family this season!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sharing Dog Stories and Blog Hopping

The focus of today's post are all the great people and animal companions that are out in the big wide web for readers to discover.

We here at Saved by Dogs encourage you to check out our online friends. They have some interesting stories to share and insights into life with many different kinds of companions...from Bassets, Borzoi, and Labradors to ...cats (gasp.)

Yes, some people choose to live with only cats.

Hmmm, I wonder if there's something to that....

If there's one thing that all we bloggers share it is the desire to know that someone out there is reading :-)   
Signing up to follow a blogger is a great way to let them know you've stopped by. Leaving a comment is great too -- in fact I'm overdue on spending some time just checking in with my fellow bloggers by leaving a note to let them know I've been by -- we all love to hear from you when you have a minute to even just say hello.  Thanks for stopping in!