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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reader Dogs and My Money Eaters

Ozzie and friend
First, we have some new photos from readers to share - always exciting :-)
I love when we have photos from readers and am always looking for more so please share them if you have them - cmoslund@gmail.com

Ozzie assisting Jennifer

We're starting with Ozzie, a lovely English Bull Terrier. How cute is this boy?! He was adopted as an adult from rescue. His first person died of cancer, his second person had a mini-bully that he didn't get along with -- for Ozzie the third home was the charm. He is much loved by Jennifer and her family.

Ozzie resting after reading many, many books

Due to a health issue, Ozzie's ears are dropped rather than perk - and he is just as cute as can be with this unique touch. Hopefully in the future we will get to see more of Ozzie.

Ozzie with a few more of the ladies in his life

Next, we have a catch up from our friend Kathy. Kathy's adopted senior Beagle, Gilbert passed away at the end of this winter. Recently, a younger dog who could be a playmate for Gus the Golden got very lucky - Kathy adopted her to join the family.

Say hello to Zoe!

The angle of the picture makes Zoe's muzzle look just a tad longer than it appears in person. Zoe is probably a Pug + Beagle + Terrier -- or a Puggle Plus.
She is very intelligent, athletic, devoted to her new family, and did I mention oh-so-cute!

Gus, Ruby, most of Zoe, and Fred (shh, he doesn't know he's odd man out)

Remember - always happy to see and share pictures :-)

And now...the money eaters.

We all spend money on keeping our companions in kibble, toys, and medical care. That adds up.
I think we tend to look at their faces and think - they're worth it.

After all, don't these look like sweet faces worthy of all I can provide?

Very deceptively innocent looking - don't be sucked in - these girls are trying to drive me crazy.
Not only have they decided that ripping up cardboard is THE thing to do when I leave the room (I don't know where they keep finding more boxes, I think they have a secret stash) they have upped the game.

Now you might ask yourself, why would anyone leave money laying around in the first place?
Let me set the record straight. This money was in my wallet. My wallet was in my purse. My purse was on a shelf.
Yes folks, a young Lab jumped up, pulled the purse down, removed the wallet, and removed the money from the wallet. To be fair, Gracie did much the same thing when she was about a year old.
In fact, to show she has outgrown carry out such a crime, (even though I suspected she suggested it to Lil) Gracie wanted to make sure she was not connected to the incident in any way.

Gracie playing dead at the other end of the house from the destroyed money

Jenny checking for life, Gracie not moving

Lil whispering, "You were right, money isn't that great - don't know what the fuss is about." Gracie not moving

I didn't actually say anything to Gracie, she decided all on her own that if I was taking the camera out to collect evidence, it would be best to look incapable of committing a crime - in fact, I think she was trying to look like the victim of a crime. Or maybe she was saying, "I was so shocked when I saw what Lil had done to the money, I staggered into the kitchen and passed out!" I didn't believe her but I appreciated the attempt at looking innocent.

Dog body mysteriously reposed when my back was turned...Otherwise, no sign of life

So what have the little monsters in your life been up to that costs you a bit? Misery after all loves company ;-)


  1. Laughing (with you, not at you) here. You'll notice the photos I posted today of Rudy who decided to alter the patio door screen to his satisfaction... in the end it amounts to about the same thing as eating money :-(

    1. Exactly my point Sue! :-)
      Usually they find more creative ways to suck money out of the wallet - I guess Lil just decided to be very literal about the whole thing.

      My condolences on the screen door, I feel your pain. This fall the two pups took out the front picture window, "on accident."
      And they say owning a boat is a black hole of money!

  2. Hi: It is fascinating and impressive that Lil (and in the past, Gracie) would be motivated to and capable of extracting money from a closed wallet in a closed bag on a shelf. Did Lil chew up anything else in the bag? Here's my theory - you just went to the butcher shop and the butcher wasn't wearing gloves while butchering or working the register so in fact your money smells very bloody.

    How can anyone prevent such ingenious creatures from destruction? I am in awe.

    I thought Gilly my GSD was bad - he was a hard core chewer and I learned to put shoes, clothes, toilet paper, remotes (and anything electronic), food etc in places he couldn't reach. As he got to be very big and long, this became very challenging. I've talked before about the two electric blanket electric cords he chewed through (unplugged) - very chewy and EXPENSIVE!

    Gus is not mouthy or destructive, but he did get yelled at once for chewing through electric blanket cord number three. Zoe loves to chew but is happily working her way through the copious dog toys housed on the floor - it is satisfying that she loves so many toys that no other dog has given a second look.

    Zoe would very much like to chew up the rubber door stop for my bedroom, but come on, it is rubber and chewy AND lives on the floor - I can hardly blame her and simply putting it under a door deters her. Your experiences make me appreciate how relatively easy I have have it!

    And Lil's hardly a puppy anymore... maybe at 2 years old she'll restrain herself to dog toys. But she makes up for it by being gorgeous and sweet. Lucky thing, that!

    Thanks for featuring Zoe - did you notice how that picture of her head makes it look as if she doesn't have a body?


    1. :-) Unfortunately for those of us who live with them, Labs are puppies until they are at least two...and now that you mention it, you are in fact living with a dog that is made up of a cute head and the tip of a tail! I knew she was amazing.

      While Lil appreciates your butcher theory, I kind of have my doubts...she also pulled out several small, paper-stock cards from the kennel which were also in the wallet and which had been handled by someone who touches dog treats regularly, and discarded those without a mark. She pulled down Conrad's Heart of Darkness from the same shelf, and tore the back cover in half before tossing it across the room - a comment I somewhat agree with - ripped a greeting card in half, and tossed a gardening glove around.

      I think she was having a mini-temper tantrum because I went upstairs without her, but I may be way off on that. The wallet was the thing that smelled most like me I suppose, and the zipper was broken on the wallet from ... Gracie I believe (it has sentimental value but is now well and truly dead) so was probably at least partially open, as was the purse - I think I have a tendency to not zip bags properly shut. Obviously then, my own poor zipping plays a role here.

      In Gracie's case, the wallet was on a side table, the corner of the wallet was open, she stuck her tongue in like an aardvark and managed to lick some bills out the corner. I thought that was fairly odd but avoidable by putting the wallet up higher - which worked until Lil came along and grew.
      Now I'm thinking the real answer is obvious - spend all the money before I get home so there's none left to chew up.

      My sister, who lives with a Lab about a month younger than Lil, and I have come to several realizations. First, we've been spoiled by years of older, well behaved Labs and forgotten what monsters young Labs are. And second, we will never have puppies again. "As God is my witness...." ;-)

    2. Chuckle. Or, next puppy could be a perfect little golden retriever...

    3. No Golden can ever match the amazing Gus -- I would just ridicule my puppy, "Why can't you be more like Gus!"

  3. Awwwww.... Well, Gus did flunk obedience class.

    Actually, his jumping on people (what flunked him) has greatly reduced. Whether that is maturity, lack of reinforcement, or Zoe getting in the way, I'm not sure.

    And his recall is very poor.

    Today he retrieved a deer scapula for me - I made a fuss about what a great dog he is and he gave it to me. So thoughtful. After a few sessions of throwing it and having Gus and Zoe vie to get it first, Gus ran into a very large mud puddle and dropped it.

    He was very sad that he could not find it again - despite immersing his entire head several times. It took some convincing to get him to leave the puddle - he'd still be there searching if he had his druthers.

    Little does he know he has a hydrological friend - evaporation.

  4. Wow, mine have never eaten actual money but they sure do suck up the finances, and they are so worth it.

    Urban Hounds

    1. I like it when a dog has enough class to metaphorically eat money rather than just chewing it up - but I guess Labs aren't into metaphors :-)

  5. Wow! That gives a whole new meaning to eating a hole in my wallet!!

    1. Lol, isn't it great the many, many ways dogs find to diversify our funds?

  6. Thank you for posting my photos! I like your 'third time's a charm' angle ;) Gus, Ruby, Zoe and Fred are also seriously lovely and look just as proficient as Ozzie at chilling out :D

    Costing us money? Well, just yesterday Ozzie scratched a big hole in our £600 leather recliner ... but unlike Gracie's whole play for deniability, he had the good grace to look ashamed. We didn't shout or anything though, it wasn't really his fault. We've just superglued the hole closed xD

    1. That's Gracie's line, "it wasn't really my fault."
      Hope to see more photos in the future of Ozzie - with our without his very expensive glued 'hole' :-)