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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dogs and their Animal Friends

Everyone needs a friend, right?

Dogs, like people, were born prewired to be social. They're pack animals.

 And while we've bred them away from their packs, we haven't changed the part of their nature that craves interaction with other animals.

Some dogs get to hang out with other dogs. Other dogs were bred to spend their lives with other animals, particularly livestock guardian dogs -- they were developed to live with the animals they protect.

Yet other dogs, finding themselves without a pack or best dog friend, find other animals to be buddies with.

I find this can lead to some pretty smile worthy moments.

Does your dog have a best friend?

A buddy? 

An associate that they don't mind letting touch them?

Please share if so :-)

Four Friends: Gus, Ruby, Zoe, and Fred (don't tell Fred he's a cat)


  1. Hi: My golden Gus and my 17 yr old orange tabby cat Fred are good friends - they groom each other with Fred doing most of the work. Fred tries to groom my other dogs but they don't seem to be fans of it.Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I'm not sure poor Fred is getting such a great deal but it certainly works for Gus; maybe Fred just feels better knowing that a big guy like Gus has his back.

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  4. Hello Kippy! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll be sure to check out your blog :-)

  5. Hi: Thanks for posting the picture. It is funny, but Fred needs Gus to let him lick him more than Gus wants to be licked, which is saying a lot because Gus really likes being licked. Fred really works hard to get Gus to come over and be licked. And if they are both on my bed, Gus will enjoy 15 minutes of immaculate grooming and then get up and jump off or put distance between them.

    If you've ever gotten a real fur toy for your cats and watched them lick and lick it, it's like that - cats seem to have some grooming compulsion. The strange thing is that I don't remember Fred grooming any of the cats I used to have with him... Kathy

    1. Maybe in his previous life Fred was someone's mom ;-) In his younger days my old man cat made a point of grooming the other cat living with us, until she learned to groom herself.
      (Her mother had been killed when the kittens were just a few weeks old and there was a lot this cat hadn't learned.)
      Once she learned to groom herself, he quit. I also had a female cat that groomed an almost feral cat I adopted. Other than these two examples though, the cats around here have kept their grooming to themselves...although now that I think about it, the old man has given Jenny a few tiny licks on the head in passing. He almost likes her.

      Maybe Fred has been a frustrated cat cosmetologist and Gus is the first one who has been willing to be groomed....

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    1. I'm happy to be following your blog now Kippy and thanks so much for following mine :-)