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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

English Bull Terriers without Borders

I have been very fortunate, through the 'magic' of internet and this blog, to meet some English Bull Terriers and their people from several other countries.

Today I would like to share some pictures shared with me. From Jessika in Yorkshire, England & Jessica in New Zealand. (You don't have to be named Jess to have a Bully.)

First,  Daisy and Badger, who live in Yorkshire with Jessika. Jessika first shared her two pups with us months ago. I thought if I was talking about international English Bull Terriers I would have to update some photos of these two lovelies.


Daisy and Badger are cuties for sure. Since Jessika has in the past given us permission to share pictures of her two I thought it might be fun to see them back when they were babies.

This is Daisy at about eight weeks of age.

And this is baby Badger. How cute are these two?

Jessika is great about posting pictures of her two online regularly. They've been on YouTube, Facebook, and Flicker. That's a lot of publicity! Thanks again Jessika for letting us share here too.

Our next pup is Cookie.

Jessica tells me that overall she finds people in New Zealand are curious about the Bully breed. This seems to be a common experience amongst those who live with Bull Terriers. People are usually curious to learn more, to get a little closer, to touch those fun faces.

 Notice that whatever country they live in the English Bull Terrier tends to be a friendly dog that gets along with other animals and is very dedicated to their people.

They also share a tendency to zoom around at a frantic pace until they crash. They play like their lives depend on it. They have little or no sense of personal body space. And they just love, love, love their people. I do maintain they aren't a breed for everyone; they certainly are a breed that the people who do enjoy cannot imagine living without.

I certainly hope that in the future we can share more pictures of more Bull Terriers. If you are inclined to share please do so.


  1. Yummm, gorgeous - especially those puppies! You may have seen I posted about the Winston book on my blog (I'm not done, but I did a preliminary post) - got a number of comments, including from folks who had a bully, and I'm enjoying the book - almost done, will post about it when I am. Thanks, Kathy

  2. Thank you for the very generous plugs on your blog! We are not worthy :-) I hope the readers who stop by here are also checking out your blog - link on the side folks to A Year of Actually Reading my Own Books - http://yearofreadingmybooks.wordpress.com/

    Those of us who like Bull Terriers might be interested in the book about Bull Terrier, Winston, that Kathy mentions there....

    It is so fun to hear from dog owners in other countries, I hope to hear from more.

  3. Hi: You are welcome - you'll be the FIRST to know when I find a feminist-bull terrier manifesto, Kathy