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Monday, November 14, 2011

Gracie the Bull Terrier: She Stands on Guard for We Other Three

At least she starts out standing on guard for us...the truth is that running a one dog neighborhood watch demands a lot of Gracie's time and energy.

Eventually, it wears her out. So the alert stand has to eventually give way to a slightly more relaxed stance.

On the other hand, she is watching.
Please note that Jenny is just trying to catch a nap in some of the sunbeams. Left to Jenny, we would have no one vigilantly watching out the window.

Lil is even worse.

Instead of even being near the window at all, she is siting on the floor near my feet - sounds very faithful but she's going to be the last to know, except for maybe me, when villainous invaders storm the house. Gracie is the best hope we have for sounding an alarm.

Of course, watching out the window in a very quiet neighborhood is not the most exciting job in the world.

Eventually a girl has to be forgiven for having a seat - note still near the window - just relaxing a little from the vigilant posture of keeping constant watch.

And sitting in the sun...well, it can make it hard to keep one's eyes open. So after a while even a great watch dog's eyes start to droop closed.

Eventually, it gets a little hard to be totally and completely vigilant. As long as she's near the window, ready to begin watching again though, it doesn't matter if she relaxes a little bit, right?

Although, once the sun quits shining as brightly, well, a girl's nose starts to cool off.  That means tucking the nose up to keep it nice and toasty warm. Thus, what started off as a vigilant guard dog ends up looking a little more like a little baby taking a nap on the end of the couch. Take my word for it though, that curled up little napping dog is one fierce watch dog - if you dare wake her up!

Beware the sleeping Bull Terrier...really fierce when she wakes up and looks back out the window :-)


  1. Hi Christy: I tried to submit a comment on this last week, but got bounced (maybe because I was in the Netherlands??? If you find that Dutch people are not commenting a lot, it may be that the government has decided to follow the Chinese model and blocked access - you know how anti-vice the Dutch are).

    Anyway, this made me laugh - and I feel so much better knowing you have this highly alert watch dog protecting you and your gang from neighborhood threats (blowing leaves, squirrels, robins, errant Yoopers, etc.) Kathy

  2. Yes, my retired senior citizen neighbors, the nurse, and the several families of grad students better all watch out - Gracie trusts no one! Unless they smell like food.
    Or have a fun dog to play with.
    Or have children - Gracie is a sucker for the kids.

    I'm sorry to hear that the Dutch government is on to me and realizes that allowing direct communication with me will slowly errode the quality of their citizens. Sigh. This seems to be a growing international trend. I had no idea I was on so many government's radar.....

  3. Hi all: We were just kidding about the Dutch... they are famously highly permissive (I was told during my visit that even the most conservative Dutch political parties are pro-gay marriage). With their legal marijuana and prostitution, I'm guessing they also tolerate and encourage free speech, even if about interspecies intimacies.... Kathy

  4. :-)))

    Yup, just kidding.

    If I was going to complain about anyone it would be those Canadians!

    [For those who don't know me I should mention I'm in the Midwest after growing up in British Columbia...yes, I've entered the country legally...let's hear it for being from two countries - whoo hoo!]

    The title of this post actually is a play on the National Anthem, Canadian that is:
    "Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee...."

    Watching Gracie watching out the window one day it just caused me to start singing the anthem to myself - and another blog post was born.

    Everyone sits around and sings the national anthem to themselves sometimes, right?

  5. Yes, totally normal.... (ok, guys, just ease the straitjacket on her gently, no, no, don't worry about the bull terrier. Very easy going gal...)

    I found out this weekend that Gilbert, the non- veggie or fruit-eating exception to the rest of us, will eat the spines of mustard and kale leaves (was making veggie chips) and cooked carrots. Go figure. Oh oh, looks like beaglet needs to go out. K