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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cats find a use for Dogs

In our house cats and dogs coexist. While Jenny and Snug Bug can share a couch they do their best to keep from actually touching each other. If Snuggers could move over another foot on their little couch she would.

Some cats and dogs actually enjoy each other's company.

Notice that Breezy actually allows her leg to rest against a cat - and is not suffering any ill effects as a result. In fact, these housemates have discovered the advantage of sharing body heat. It turns out that cats have discovered this is the one thing that dogs are good for - providing heat.

There is the cat and dog tuck and cuddle - cozy and allowing the cat to glare if anyone should actually witness this - cats are great at giving the stink eye.

Then there is the cuddle under the ear - this works best when there is a certain size difference between the cat and the ear providing cover. Really young cats don't think to hide this kind of dog consorting behavior from prying eyes.

And finally we have cats who simply lay on top of dogs - perhaps the most effective method of making use of the dog's body heat. What really young cats don't always realize is that rather than just making use of the dog for heat, done properly a dog can also provide extra cushioning between a delicate cat and the hard floor.

A dog's body can provide the best cushioning between a floor and a cat - but it is important to find a correct sized dog to really maximize the comfort for the cat.

It isn't just a matter of finding a dog that is big and cushy enough to be cozy on - a truly sensitive cat, a princess and the pea kind of cat, finds that even when using a couch a dog can provide a nice buffering level of heat and comfort.

Sometimes one can see a young cat and see the making of a true cat genius. Small yet able to control their environment...from a dog's point of view these might be considered cat evil geniuses.
Beware my doggy friends - the evil cat geniuses are already planning how to harness your heat and comfort for their own benefit...they really do think the rest of us are here just to serve them.

And now a little update: Is the following a picture of:
                               a) a kind senior citizen cat grooming a young dog
                               b) a crafty old cat lulling a young dog into a false sense of security
                               c) an average cat mesmerizing a dog so the dog will later do his bidding
                               d) some other possibility that only another cat would know....

Who can truly say?
For while The Shadow may know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, no one tends to know what is going on in the mind of a cat -- evil, kind, or otherwise   ;-)


  1. Hi: Great post. Cracked me up!

    Except that isn't Gilbert - it is Breezy the coonhound.... :-)

    I probably sent you the pic of Fred grooming Gus, but on the off chance you are one of the few people who did not receive it, I will send it via email. Shows non-body heat-related dog-cat interactions... Kathy

  2. Ohhh and oops :-) Correction made!

    I would love to add the Fred-Gus pic here - I don't think I have it yet but when I get it....