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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween: What Will Your Dog Wear?

Yoda Pug

For those of you who don't share my family's view that Halloween is one of the great holidays of the year (hey, free candy) it might seem a little premature to be discussing All Hallows eve. It is only a handful of days a year, however, when a person can legitimately consider dressing their dogs up for a reason.

And I've been noticing lately, that some people really enjoy dressing their dogs up, so having a totally, socially legit reason for doing so...well, you need to plan ahead. With just about a month until the big day if you should suddenly feel inspired you still have time to start sewing - or ordering - to costume your canine friend appropriately.

The baby Gracie

I will confess, I'm not usually a dog dresser upper. However,  Gracie was about 4 months old the first time Halloween rolled around in her young life and -- with a certain amount of encouragement from my young nephews -- I did in fact try to costume her for the event.

At this point I would like to be able to show you a picture of little Gracie in her costume. In fact, it didn't go so well. Even as we were dressing her, she was ripping the costume into pieces. The adorable pirate costume didn't last long enough for even one picture, not that she was still long enough for a picture. She was too busy knocking her pirate hat off so that it could meet its untimely demise.

She did look really adorable for a few seconds -- and my nephews loved the hat and the faux weaponry in the belt. Gracie decided I think though, that if she allowed herself to be dressed on that occasion she would be setting a precedent that she did not want to live with. Better to nip-it-in-the-bud.

The majority of costumes do seem to be designed for the smaller, apparently more accepting of their fate, breeds of dogs.  Or perhaps there are more small dog owners who will take the time to dress their dogs. Not sure which came first actually...the availability of small dog costumes of the willingness of small dog owners to dress their canine friends for success.

In fact, I've visited some sites where people who live with larger canines have complained that they can't find costumes to fit their large dogs. I've noticed though that a lot of people are ready to rise to the challenge and make their own costumes for the dogs in their lives.

I almost wonder what would happen if we could take some of this creative talent and focus it on solving some of the world's bigger problems...like getting Donald Trump to be more creative in his attire. Just think what dog costume-creators could do with The Donald!

By the way, is anyone else noticing the correlation between owning a Pug and needing to dress it up? Apparently Pugs have not learned the Bull Terrier trick of destroying a costume on contact.
Although, I have recently benefited from some sharing of some appropriately festooned Bull Terriers; they like to dress up for fund raisers which I think is a worthy cause!

Badger, Dressed to Impress

And then of course, there are always days when one feels like dressing up a bit just for the fun of it.

Thanks for the photo shares Jess :-) 

So I'm wondering - who dresses up the dogs, who dresses up with the dogs, and any shares of costumed canine pictures welcome -

Remember - plan early before all the good dog Haloweed costume ideas are sucked out of the universe!

Ninja Bull Terrier - notice the use of a stuffie stand-in



  1. Hi: I suppose that the beaglet could fit a costume or two... but at nearly 15 years old, half blind, totally deaf... I'm not sure.

    Some of those costumes ARE very funny (the spider is my favorite). My retrievers have volunteering uniforms (bandannas with their names) and I have a lot of dog coats and booties for bad weather. If I could find one of those spiders in golden retriever size, I might go for it - but that would be one BIG spider.

    See http://sadetsydogs.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/sad-guest-dog-kill-me/ for evidence that golden retriever size costumes DO exist.

    And then check out more stuff at the recently defunct Sad Etsy Dogs blog at http://sadetsydogs.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/i-couldnt-breathe-before-dog/


  2. Those are some great links you included!

    Too bad that the originator of Sad Etsy Dogs has moved on to different uses of time - love the pics. Felt really bad for some of the dogs, but loved the pics.

    Lol, the idea of Gus as a Golden Spider - that would be worth seeing! I bet he could rake in the dog cookies in an outfit like that :-)

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