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Friday, September 23, 2011

English Bull Terriers Unite for Better Web Access!

Gracie online

Uh-oh. Gracie has been reading over my shoulder when I'm online and she's on the verge of discovering that other dogs have it a lot better than she does. I may be in trouble.

Turns out that approximately 6.8 million dog owners in North America are giving presents - even wrapping them - for their dogs. While my girls do get new toys throughout the year, I'm a little worried that their going to discover that some dogs are actually getting Christmas stockings, and wrapped gifts under the tree.

Or birthday parties - I don't do very well keeping track of birthdays - ask my brother. He gets a card maybe once every three years.

Where's my cake?

And it turns out there are much more devoted people companions out there that not only remember birthdays, but bake cakes and plan parties for their canine companions. If Gracie gets wind of this I will never hear the end of it!

I raised the wrapping presents subject on a site I visit, asking how many people wrap the presents they give their animal companions. That's when I found out that not only are a lot of people wrapping - they are cooking special meals.
Yikes! I sometimes share my food with the girls, but we're lucky if I cook at all in my house. Heating a bowl of instant oatmeal has been more my speed lately.

I can't imagine what is going to happen if, while reading over my shoulder, Gracie finds out there is a fellow canine out there getting bacon wrapped sausage on Christmas day! She already questions my household management.

It isn't just that Gracie is going to be disappointed to discover she isn't getting cake and sausage. There is the special apparel she doesn't get to wear - even when it is Bull Terrier themed.

In fact, I won't even let her pierce her ears.

There are the special events she does not get to attend.

And then, there are the sports I don't let her take part in.

Sadly for her, she owns neither a skate board or a surf board. The last board she had was a plain old 2 x 2 that she and Lil found on the ground and chewed the end off of.

 And to top it all off - she doesn't even have her own car - never mind a parking spot.

She's one of the un-cool kids who gets dropped off places. In the family vehcile. With her dorky younger sister hanging out the window (her older sister hides behind the seat, too embarrassed to be seen with any of us.)

There could be a list as long as Gracie's front forelimb of the perks, specialized foods, clothes, beds, outings...well, there is just a lot of stuff out there that she is not getting to take part in.

And that was okay in the old days!

Back before the world wide web was making all this information available, dogs like Gracie, who lived in rural areas, had no idea what they were missing in the world. Oh sure, if the country dog ever visited the city they might get called "bumpkin" but a respectable country dog could go their whole life and never step paw in the Big Apple or even downtown Moose Jaw.

Now though, just a few mouse clicks away, Gracie is able to find out about how other dogs are living.

How can my country girl compete with the fancy, fashion conscious pups whose people have much deeper pockets? When I see an outfit like this I think - wow - I bet that cost a week's worth of kibble!

So while the computer gives us lots of opportunities for learning about different cultures, and about how others live, and lots of other cool information, I can't help but think that I'm going to have to start putting parental controls in place to ensure Gracie doesn't spend too much time web surfing. I don't want her to think that she's missing anything important.

At this rate, I might even have to take away her cell phone....

And now it gets worse - in an attempt to inform Gracie about other special things she's missing, her new Bully friends Daisy and Badger sent her an email with  family pictures showing her the fun they get to have all the time!

Oh dear, if Gracie ever gets to Daisy and Badger's emails before me I'll really be in trouble.

Daisy eating ice cream and being watered by her personal water carrier - boy would Gracie like to have her own personal assistant to feed her ice cream and carry her water....

Badger apperantly doesn't get things as cushy as Daisy - he takes his vacations by mail.
And while Daisy gets the cushy spot on the couch he has to perch on the arm...poor, poor boy. His life is almost as hard as Gracie's :-)

Thanks for emailing guys - Gracie is glad to know she has friends out there who understand how hard she has it.


  1. Uh-oh, I feel like I've got to admit to being one of those people who spoil their dogs absolutely wicked; not only do Badger and Daisy get wrapped gifts at christmas-time (though not birthdays), but I'm forever baking them homemade dog biscuits and cookies for their charity parties! I live in a fairly suburban area in the UK, and most dog owners around these here parts think I'm absolutely potty - but I think that's more to do with the fact that Badger and Daisy are bull breeds more than anything. They wouldn't bat an eyelid if they were something small and fluffy!

    Just out of interest, have you read anything about Japan's pet-owning community? As with most things, they've taken it to a whole new level! Pet couture, fur-dying, manicures and pedicures.. Cat cafés! Dog rental! I've seen a lot of dog blogs, as well, kept by Japanese owners to record the progress of their dogs - the last I saw was one entry wherein a bull terrier was being pushed in a special 'dog pram' around a historical town (possibly Gion, but I'm not entirely sure). It's definitely eye opening! :-)

  2. Also, don't let Gracie read the above! She might get ideas!

  3. Too late Kitt - Gracie just wanted to know what it takes to get a passport to Japan...thanks!

    :-) And thank you so much for being willing to share photos of your lovelies! I do losely follow one Japanese Facebook page by a cat - but I wasn't aware of the cat cafes. Omg, hope our old man Theo doesn't hear about that - he already is disgruntled because his food isn't served in a crystal bowl by a servant. (He finds my attitude and fitness as a companion substandard as it is...he makes Gracie look easy going.)

    If your group wouldn't mind I would love to share that group photo here of all the Bullys out for a walk together. Nice pic!

  4. Hi: I confess to giving my cat a can on tuna on Christmas in honor of my friend, Helmi, who died a 8 years ago. I visited her with Fred the cat through Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. She loved to pass on Community Action tuna for my cats and Fred got to enjoy some of it every visit.

    I don't remember my animals' birthdays nor do I usually gift them, but they get a ton of toys and treats...any day of the year.

    I don't generally celebrate Christmas too actively, but have, on occasion, wrapped up cat toys. I don't exclude the possibility of doing it with dog toys in future... Kathy

  5. Hmm - cat toys wrapped but not dog...WWGS?

    What would Gus say?