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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome Home

This blog is designed for those of us who may be busy and productive and have loved ones in our lives, yet a corner of our world belongs to our companion animals. For me right now that includes an adopted Collie, a rescued English Bull Terrier, and a carefully researched and purchased Labrador.

Yes, there are also two foster cats, two rescued cats, and an adopted cat living with me - ranging in age from 4 - 19 years. My two old cats have moved multiple times and between countries with me so no, I don't get the "I'm moving and the pet can't come with me" excuse unless you're going into the military, entering prison, or financially devastated so that you cannot afford to care for the pet or live in pet safe housing.

I should also mention in this introduction that I am dyslexic and I often can't spell. Animals have helped me through the times before I was diagnosed with disabilities and told in school that I was just "slow." (Guess which slow kid just finished her PhD - granted, I'm a mature student in more than outlook now.)

I think this should be a place to discuss how animals add a dimension to our lives that no one and nothing else can. It should also be a place to share the happy and not so happy stories we have. And pictures! Love pictures.

In the meantime, if you find this site please introduce yourself and your fur-family!


  1. My first dog was a collie/boarder-collie mix - a good ol' farm dog named Champ. I figured he was better than Lassie. Not knowing better at the age of five I would slip him Oreos. He was the best listener in the world and his thick fur could soak up a lot of tears. I would love a clone of that dog now...does anyone else find that the dog of their childhood just can't be measured up to?

  2. I care about you and love animals! I support a few international animal loving charities, monthly, and my local Copper Country Humane Society - in fact, my car is full of towels, sheets, blankets, fleece, etc. that I've gathered from around my house to bring to the CCHS! I also have inherited my folk's (they've passed away) 5 year old Westie and we have a wonderful rescue kitty, named Lily. She'd turn any "I'm not so into cats" person into a cat person, as she's cuddly, friendly, comes to call, and is just wonderful!

  3. I love you, Christy. I'm glad you're doing this. I've had my share of pets in my life and can't wait until we're settled in our next chapter of life so we can get another one. Especially because Emerson is always asking about puppies! I'm so looking forward to that!

  4. We share our lives with a 9-year old Boxer named Sugar Rae. She is a wonderful, smart, sweet natured dog. We could not have asked for a better pet for our children and our family. She thinks of our 8-year old as her sister and our 6-year old as "the boy who must be tolerated." I have many pictures of she and our daughter snuggled together. Our lives have been made richer by her being in it and I can't imagine how we'll ever do without her. She hasn't been perfect - the day she ate 6-and-a-half loaves of pumpkin bread I was taking up to family for the holidays was a day I wanted to kill her. But that was one of her "only human" moments and she survived. Her forgiveness and loving attitude are unbelievable. Due to life-long health issues I don't know how much longer we'll have her - but I have her today and she's part of my heart, our family. But her job as guard dog can't be left vacant so we're considering a Labrador. We'd get another Boxer in a heartbeat but they could never live up to Rae-Rae's memory so I won't do that to them or myself. The Labs are wonderful family dogs and will act as an alert-dog rather than guard-dog. How do we go through losing a loved one over and over? I think it is due to their influence in our lives. By contact with them our hearts grow larger each time and we are able to make room for new members of our family - furry as they be.

  5. As for childhood dogs? Christy to do you remember good ol' Kingo? He'd hurt and attack animals on our farm in northern BC but I loved that dog like no other. He was, and will always be, the dog no other dog will ever live up to. He went with me everywhere and kept me grounded to life and taught me how to care for something that was "mine." For years after he broke his back and I had to put him down I dreamed of him. Those were such happy dreams. As much and as many dogs as there are out there in the world - in my heart there can never be a dog that was so close to me as that dog. I miss him still.

  6. Hi Chris:I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. The dogs are: 14 yr old beagle adopted in January 2011 from UPAWS/Marquette, 13 yr old retriever mix adopted May 2010 from UPAWS, and 1 yr old blonde golden retriever and 1 16 yr old cat.

    We have a lot of dog parties at Maasto Hiihto - these days, mostly a number of women and their dogs. If you ever want to join us, let me know. We have a number of young dogs, but also ones with a few years on them.

    I'll email you at your work email, Kathy

  7. I will always remember with love my childhood kitty friend Lila. She would patiently allow me to hold her down in my dolly stroller while pretending she was my baby. Night after night she would sleep with me purring even though I had put bonnets on her, fed her dolly bottles and strolled her through the house in the buggy throughout the day. I couldnt have asked for a better best friend.

  8. Welcome Kathy and Ali! Kathy - the dog parties sound fun! Ali, Lila sounds very lovable - a cat that tolerates bonnets is a real treasure.

    I really believe in giving older animals a chance; which I think will make a good topic. The rewards of adopting older pets.

  9. Beautiful blog, Dr. Oslund. :)
    Great idea for other dog people, and to just read about dogs.

  10. Just looking through your older posts. Do you have a list of dog breeds you want to write about, or is it random?

    1. A bit of both. What I long for is someone to suggest some breeds they'd like to hear more about :-) Mainly though, it is as fancy takes me....