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Saturday, May 14, 2011

How heavenly are hounds

Update: If you have already read this entry please scroll down for new pictures from several blog readers of their very lovely adopted hounds.

Today I am featuring the picture of heavenly hound, Breezy. Breezy was a blue tick hound, adopted as a senior by Kathy, one of our blog members. Breezy was in need of medical care and had arthritis when she joined Kathy's family. I think this picture speaks to the love she gave and received once she and Kathy met.

I really enjoy this picture! Breezy looks so well cared for. I also see a hint of emotional blackmail being applied on Kathy, "Oh mom, what will the other dogs say when they see this? I'm just not sure green is my color. Do I HAVE to wear a jacket? I won't get cold, promise."

Hounds have such wonderfully expressive faces. Their eyes were made to melt people. With strong instincts to live in packs they love to hang out with their family and be part of the activity. And activity can be chasing smells over miles or sitting on the couch watching TV. As long as you're there, your hound is happy to be there with you.

One of our family friends, John,  has always had a dream that someday he would have a large estate and a pack of hounds. He and his hounds would take long walks and just be, in a very zen like way that John and his beagles always have. In the meantime, John always has a single faithful beagle as part of the family pack. Once the human kids left home the tradition became that the front bedroom overlooking the street would be the beagle's room. This room features a large bay window, so that the beagle can sit in the sun while watching people come and go. It is a very lucky beagle who gets adopted to spend her or his remaining years in the bay window at John's house. I was once passing through the small Canadian town that John and family live in and had the privilege of sharing the beagle's room for the night. I can only say that Barney was an extremely gracious host and I was sorry to hear of his passing. He was the first beagle lucky enough to call the front room home.

I think hounds bring us a sense of belonging. And being accepted as wonderful just the way we are. Their eyes are so expressive that a hound's gaze can make you feel like the center of the world.

I would love to hear stories of hounds you have loved or met, known or owned. Also, Kathy and I have found that posters do not seem to be able to post their own pictures. So if you have pictures you'd like to share, please send them to me and I'll post them to the blog. I'm also happy to share other people's stories of animals with the pictures sent in.

I can be contacted through dogssaved@gmail.com

When possible I will post viewers pics of their companions. In this case Abe, an adopted Black and Tan.

Is he gorgeous or what! And yes - he was adopted.

And here is another blog reader's  hound -- just look at this basset's eyes!

The ears are pretty impressive too :-)  What a sweatheart!
And yes this is another adopted dog.


  1. My grandparent's neighbors always had a beagle. But they kept him tied outside in the yard. Beagles are pack animals, they need to stay with people or with other hounds to be happy.
    That poor little guy wasn't happy being outside alone. I think people need to think about the lifestyle a dog will be happy with before they adopt.

  2. i was raised a sporting dog person, my parents raised Chesapeake Bay Retrievers...now i cannot live without my hounds, i have a basset hound that is a rescue and she's the apple of my eye, she is our resident trick dog, so willing to please and loves to show off. I am also owned by a saluki (a sighthound) puppy who is just as wonderful as the day is long....i have owned several breeds of hounds from BlueTick coon hounds to afghan hounds and everything in between...they are THEE MOST loyal of the groups in my opinion and will stick to you like your best friend should.... I hope more and more people will consider one when they adopt, i cannot say enough good....


  3. pip and coco salukisJune 8, 2011 at 9:34 AM

    I totally agree with Karrie. Hounds are wonderful. Salukis are the most beautiful and devoted of hounds, a joy to live with. We came to dogs way too late, our first saluki was a 10 year old rescue girl called Rosa and we simply fell in love with the breed through her. They took over and totally enriched our lives. Our older male saluki Coco writes an occasional blog about his adventures and living with our other salukis Pip, (tragically deceased), Tuppence, his girlfriend and Tammas, the puppy. Having these wonderful animals to care for has kept us going through some difficult times. My only regret is that we didn't have them in our lives sooner.

  4. Pip and coco - would love to add some pictures of some lovely Salukis to the site if you would like to contact me through email - dogssaved@gmail.com

    And as I remind myself whenever I encounter a great dog now -- better to meet them later in life then not at all :)